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VU+ HOW BissFeedAutoKey plugin

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    VU+ HOW BissFeedAutoKey plugin

    VU+ HOW BissFeedAutoKey plugin


    I wrote this plugin based on channels that are reported in sat-universe. After scanning and searching for the channel frequency, the user can use this plug-in. when the plugin is on, it shows all channel information that is reported in sat-universe, such as transponder, id, CW, 4: 2: 2 or 4: 2: 0, sport category, game and other stuff and if you press the button OK, the #CW key is inserted into the Softcam.key file, and the softcam (such as oscam, gcam, cccam, ncam or others) is automatically restarted if the plug-in setting is correct, otherwise the user should manually restart the camera.

    Option and tips:
    1- five plugins can happen when the plugin is started:

    a) Everything is fine and all information is visible and visible.

    b) An HTTP error occurred and the information is not displayed

    c) URL error occurred ((eg refusal to connect)) and the information is not displayed.

    d) A socket error occurred and information is not displayed.

    e) An internet connection error has occurred and the information is not displayed.

    2) When everything is fine and all information is visible (especially #CW):

    a) First check the plug-in settings. Press the blue button to display the following screen:

    Important tips Before using the plug:
    1. Configuration folder -> file oscam.conf -> [webif] section -> httpport = 8888

    2. Folder Config -> oscam.conf file -> [webif] section -> "" must be located in the section httpallowed (httpallowed =, 192.1668.0.0-

    3. In the settings screen, select the Softcam.key file folder (Default folder: etc / tuxbox / config) and press ok to save changes!

    b) Finally, return to the plugin and press OK to add the #CW key in the Softcam.key file, and the softcam (like oscam, gcam, cccam, ncam or other) will be automatically restarted. Otherwise, you must manually restart the webcam.

    3- when the user presses the OK button, several events can happen:
    a) everything is fine and the following message will appear: "SoftCam.Key upgrade and SoftCam restart ...!"
    b) IP: The PORT is invalid and the following message will be displayed: "SoftCam.Key Updated. Please restart SoftCam "
    c) Softcam.key file folder is invalid and the following message will be displayed: "SoftCam.Key file not found. Please set the directory in the settings (BlueKey) "
    d) CW NOT FOUND - Reasons: 1- All errors related to the 2-Feed internet connection are not reported in the Sat-universe 3-Server of our plugin and the channel information is not updated.
    e) The signal is not blocked: "No signal"
    f) No Biss channel or channel: "Unencrypted classification"

    The 4-Plugin removes the keys that are inserted by this plugin every 12 hours!

    5-If CW does not find, a screen will appear that only requests the CW code of the channel or any encrypted Biss channel! After pressing the ok button, the key will be inserted into the Softcam.key file, and the softcam (eg Oscam, gcam, cccam, ncam or other) will be automatically restarted.
    when you type CW in the box, uppercase and lowercase letters are not valid.
    There are several #CW television channel keys, if you want to add your favorite Biss channels, please provide full information on this topic in this thread (minimum information: full transponder and #CW)

    Error log:
    We only test this plugin on Enigma2 receivers and we repair all plug-in errors, but if the plugin is enabled and your enigma2 crashes, send a bug log.

    Special thanks:
    Special thanks to: Sat-Universe Feeders
    Special thanks to: All who help me and support me [Shr776, HamidReza, hamid soltani, ali (@ ali_ak11), ahmad (@ dm920uhd)]
    Special thanks to: oscam-emu (oscam.emu@gmail.com)
    Special thanks to: Ihad.tv enigma2-plugin tutorial 2010 Emanuel lessons

    BissFeedAutoKey plugin

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    Note: Viewing Pay TV without a valid subscription is illegal
    All the files available here are kept for experimental and educational purpose only

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