For Rooted Users
If you are getting "Can't load DLL" error after installing Stalker NFPS 0.8.4 or 1.01 and your android box is rooted here's what you can do to make Stalker NFPS functioning. This solution was discovered by @paranoidjack, I'm just simply making it more visible for other members, as it's buried in Stalker NFPS main thread.

1. Install Stalker NFPS (1.01 or 0.8.4)
2. Close Kodi
3. Start your file manager either using FTP to access from a computer like FTP Droid or using Total Commander, ES File Explorer on your box (make sure your file manager has root access granted)
4. Move folder pvr.stalker.nfps from Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons into /data/data/org.xbmc.kodi/cache/apk/assets/addons/
5. Now change the permission of pvr.stalker.nfps and all files and subfolders to 777 (-rwx -rwx -rwx)
6. Start Kodi and proceed to configure your Stalker NFPS

*In case you get configure greyed out, or missing text, you didn't change permission on some of the files, so close Kodi again and proceed to check every file and folder for 777 permission.

This only works on rooted devices as access to /data folder is restricted. If you don't have rooted device you will have to stick to built-in stalker client.

This solution worked on my Nvidia Shield with 0.8.4 and 1.01 version of Stalker NFPS PVR client

For Non Rooted users
You have two options if you cannot root and get the cannot load dll error..

1. use pvr.stalker instead of pvr.stalker.nfps, its built into kodi already, and works..