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oscam restart script for enigma2

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    oscam restart script for enigma2

    Here is a script for enigma2 to restart standalone oscam or oscam/CCcam combo. as the combo really starts oscam initially so CCcam will start along side it .
    As i say this script will restart the combo of oscam/CCcam or a standalone oscam .

    1. first you need to install the cronmanager & then the script via the ipk files .
    2. now you need to open your ftp programme & go to /usr/script where you will find oscamcheck.sh
    3. right click it & give it chmodd 755 if not already done .
    4. right click it & open it & edit the oscam name only to suit the exact name you have in /usr/bin . check the same for CCcam in /usr/bin .
    5.eg: in /usr/bin if your oscam is simply called oscam then you do nothing , but if say your oscam is called oscam9162 then you need to name the 4 lines in the script as oscam9162 .
    6. the script :
    if ps x |grep -v grep |grep -c oscam9162>/dev/null
    echo "oscam9162... ok"
    echo "oscam9162... restarting"
    /usr/bin/oscam9162 &
    sleep 10
    if ps x |grep -v grep |grep -c CCcam213 >/dev/null
    echo "cccam... ok"
    echo "cccam... restarting"
    /usr/bin/CCcam213 &

    7. now we need to go to /etc/cron/crontabs/root & open the file making sure it has chmodd 755 , if so put this line in */5 * * * * /usr/script/./oscamcheck.sh this will check to see if your oscam is running every 5 minutes .
    if not it will restart oscam aotomatically .
    8. now we need to config our cronmanager which you will find in plugins .
    9. make sure your cronmanager is running by simply opening the programme & going to restart options & stopping/starting it to be sure .
    10. at the top you will see list crontab , in there you should see */5 * * * * /usr/script/./oscamcheck.sh if so all is good so far .
    10. now simply go to telnet & type killall -9 oscam9162 & hit enter . this will stop your oscam from running & within 5 minutes you should have oscam running again.
    11. now simply go to telnet & type killall -9 CCcam213 & hit enter . this will stop your CCcam from running & within 5 minutes you should have CCcam running again .
    12. just to make it a shorter wait for you whilst testing you can put this line in oscamcheck.sh */1 * * * * /usr/script/./oscamcheck.sh this will restart after 1 minute .
    13. you can manually restart oscam via telnet by simply typing oscam9162 -b now hit enter .
    14. you can maually restart CCcam via telnet by simply typing CCcam213 -v now hit enter .
    15. or via telnet using your script to see if it works by typing /usr/script/oscamcheck.sh now hit enter .
    16. hope this helps all viewing .

    thanks to systemlinuxs for the script .

    edited the script to include the CCcam part of the script .

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