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MetalKettle Addon Repository Vulnerable After GitHub ‘Takeover’

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    MetalKettle Addon Repository Vulnerable After GitHub ‘Takeover’

    A removed and nonactive third-party Kodi repository has become vulnerable after an outsider re-registered the GitHub account of its developer. Former Kodi-addon developer MetalKettle urges people to delete his repository, stating that it's no longer safe.

    Only Cam-Sats registered members can see the links. Click To Register HERE MetalKettle, one of the most famous Kodi addon developers of recent times, decided to call it quits.

    Worried about potential legal risks, he saw no other option than to halt all development of third-party Kodi addons.
    Two months before this announcement, the developer proceeded to remove the GitHub account which was used to distribute his addons. However, he didn’t realize that this might not have been the best decision.
    As it turns out, GitHub allows outsiders to re-register names of deleted accounts. While this might not be a problem in most cases, it can be disastrous when the accounts are connected to Kodi add-ons that are constantly pinging for new updates.
    In essence, it means that the person who registered the Github account can load content onto the boxes of people who still have the MetalKettle repo installed. Quite a dangerous prospect, something MetalKettle realizes as well.
    “Someone has re-registered metalkettle on github. So in theory could pollute any devices with the repo still installed,” he warned Only Cam-Sats registered members can see the links. Click To Register HERE.
    “Warning : if any users have a metalkettle repo installed on their systems or within a build – please delete ASAP,” he added.
    MetalKettle warning

    It’s not clear what the intentions of the new MetalKettle user are on GitHub, if he or she has any at all. But, people should be very cautious and probably remove it from their systems.

    The real MetalKettle, meanwhile, was contacted by Only Cam-Sats registered members can see the links. Click To Register HERE regarding the situation and they have placed the repository on their Indigo blacklist of banned software. This effectively disables the repository on devices with Indigo installed.
    GitHub on their turn may want to reconsider their removal policy. Perhaps it’s smarter to not make old usernames available for registration, at least not for a while, as it’s clearly a vulnerability.
    This is also shown by another Kodi repo controversy that appeared earlier today. Another Only Cam-Sats registered members can see the links. Click To Register HERE that was reportedly deleted earlier, resurfaced today pushing a new version of the Exodus addon and other sources.
    According to some, the GitHub account is operated by the original Exodus developers and perfectly safe, but Only Cam-Sats registered members can see the links. Click To Register HERE that the name was reregistered in bad faith.
    Please do not PM me for support.. I will not reply !! Its better to use the forums for your questions as more people will be able to reply + it helps others in the future searching for the same problem.

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