Dreambox Keys Directory and Other Path of different EMU

AU Files, Camd3, Camx, cccam, Config Files, EMU, Evocamd, GBox, Keys Directory, Mgcamd, Newcamd, Prgram files, Radegast, Scam
Keys Directory: /var/keys/ - Softcam.Key Autoroll.Key
Prgram file : /var/bin/
Config Files : /var/etc/
AU Files : /var/keys/Autoroll.Key

Keys Directory: /var/keys - seca,nagra,via,irdeto,conax
Prgram files: /var/bin - gbox
Config Files: /var/keys - gbox_cfg
AU Files: /var/keys/roms/

Keys Directory: /var/keys - camd3.keys
Prgram files: /var/bin - camd3
Config Files: /var/keys - camd3.conf - camd3.config
AU Files: /var/keys/ - seca_hash.bin - seca2_hash_0070.bin
seca2_mask_0070.bin - camd3.keys

Keys Directory: /var/keys - Autoupdate.Key & Keylist.txt
Prgram files: /var/bin - evocamd
Config Files: /var/keys - camd_cfg
AU Files: /var/keys - Autoupdate.Key - /var/scce/

keys directory: /var/scce -keylist, ppua, rsakeylist & tpscrypt of
/var/tuxbox/scce (newcamd 6.01, kan oude dir gebruiken)
Program files: /var/bin - newcamd, cardserv, cardspider, betadserv
Config files: /var/tuxbox/config - newcamd.conf, cardserv.cfg, betad.cfg
AU files: /var/scce/ - nagrarom3.bin, nagraram3.bin, nagraepr3.bin,
sttestrom3.bin, stmaprom3.bin, nagrarom7.bin, nagraram7.bin,
nagraepr7.bin, nagrarom10.bin, nagraram10.bin, nagraepr10.bin,
nagrarom11.bin, nagraram11.bin, nagraepr11.bin, rsakeylist

keys directory: /var/keys - SoftCam.key & AutoRoll.key
Program files: /var/bin - mgcamd
Config files: /var/keys - mg_cfg
AU files:

Keys Directory: /var/keys - seca2,nagra,via, - irdeto,conax
Prgram files: /var/bin - scam
Config Files: /var/keys - softcam.cfg
AU Files: var/keys/ - seca2 - /nagra_rom

Radegast :
keys directory: /var/keys - SoftCam.key & AutoRoll.key
Program files: /var/bin - rdgd, camd.rdgd, netpilot
Config files: /var/etc - radegast.cfg
AU files: Need a patched driver for older conax cards

Keys Directory: /var/keys - Softcam.Key, AutoRoll.key & constant.cw
Program Files: /var/bin - CCcam, capmtserver
Config Files: /var/etc - CCcam.cfg
AU Files: /var/keys - Autoroll.key