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GCam Emu All images Mips-Arm # Ipk & Deb

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    GCam Emu All images Mips-Arm # Ipk & Deb

    GCam 2.0-emu-r7
    ALL Images mips - arm

    Thank you: audi06_19

    #### OE2.5 IMAGES #####

    DreamOSat camManager
    Gemini GP4 image
    Gemini GP3 image
    OoZooN image
    newnigma2 image
    Merlin4 OE2.5 image
    Dream-Elite OE2.5 image
    PowerSat image
    SatLodge image
    PeterPan image
    TDW image
    OpenTS/Ts image

    #### OE2.0 IMAGES #####

    DreamOSat camManager
    Gemini GP3 image
    OoZooN image
    newnigma2 image
    OpenTS/Ts image
    Merlin3 image
    Dream-Elite image
    PowerSat image
    SatLodge image
    PeterPan image
    VTI image
    Blackhole image
    teamBlue image
    NonSoloSat image
    DDD-Demoni image
    Domica image
    LT image
    TDW image
    Egami image
    SatdreamGr image

    #### OE2.0 IMAGES #####

    PBnigma-VIX image
    PURE2 image
    ruDREAM image
    PKT image
    ItalySat image
    HDMU image
    OpenATV image
    OpenPLI image
    OpenNFR image
    OpenBlackhole image
    OpenSPA image
    OpenDroid image
    OpenVIX image
    OpenHDF image
    OpenLD image
    OpenESI image
    OpenEight image
    OpenMips image
    OpenPlus image
    Open Vision image

    Install / yŁkleme

    OE2.0 Enigma2:
    opkg install /tmp/*.ipk
    or / yada
    opkg install --force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk

    OE2.5 DreamOS:
    dpkg -i /tmp/*.deb
    or / yada
    dpkg -i --force-overwrite /tmp/*.deb


    OE2.0 enigma2:
    opkg remove enigma2-softcams-gcam-all-images

    OE2.5 DreamOS:
    dpkg -r enigma2-softcams-gcam-all-images

    AFN OK
    Discovery OK
    Proxy and local readers OK

    Cccam server OK

    GCam emu ( Based on oscam) New version 2.0 r0

    Updates for PowerVu Crypto-System

    -fix lockup on multidecode
    -Fixes detecte reader and file-keys of constant.cw
    -Fixed potential deadlock in powervu emm handling
    -[powervu] Added support for various hash modes
    -Fixes some bugs (Drecrypt ) and fix TNT

    # TR: Lutfen benim ve baskalarinin calismalarina saygi gosterin. Yazar isimlerini asla kaldirmayin ve herhangi bir degisiklik yaptiysaniz, degisikliklerinizi her zaman paylasin.
    # EN: Please respect my and others work. Never remove authors names and always share your modifications, if you made any.

    Note: Viewing Pay TV without a valid subscription is illegal
    All the files available here are kept for experimental and educational purpose only



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